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This is  a dye chart of all the coloring that I can match in to your existing masonry.
:: Tuckpointing
If you have cracks in the mortar of your masonry wall, need brick chimney repair, or your foundation is deteriorating and falling out, we can help!  We specialize in masonry restoration and tuckpointing. 

 Symptoms to look for include:
 - The faces of brick or stone coming off (spalling)
 - A white film or stain (effervescence)
 - Entire bricks falling or missing from your chimney
 - The color fading in dyed mortar
 - Cracks in stucco or stucco falling off

These symptoms are caused by water damage and your masonry is in need of tuckpointing and a sealant before structural failure occurs.

Process of industry tuckpointing standards

Tuckpointing includes the removal of mortar using a diamond embedded steel tuck pointing blade on a 6 inch grinder to grind out the mortar.  The depth will be no less than 1/2 inch, no more than 3/4 inch. The joint surface would be completely clean of mortar leaving the underside of the row above and the topside of the row of brick below exposed. This is to allow a good bond of mortar to not only the mortar bed but also the brick.  

I then wash all the dust from surface and allow masonry to dry so as to allow a good bond.  When the masonry is dry, I use a hawk and tuck pointing tool or jointer and freehand point the wall.  I do not use a mortar gun or bags.  They are not precise enough, leaving voids and over runs. I then brush the masonry when dry to leave a finished and sealed joint. Joints can vary from a concave to a flat or raked finish depending on customer’s preference.

Repair of Brick Chimney
Example of water damaged chimney with spalled brick faces.
Restoration with Tuck Pointing
Chimney after it was ground out to 3/4 inch depth
Tuck Pointing Restoration
Spalled brick removed in preparation for replacement using period brick.
Masonry Contractors
Finished Chimneys- Tuckpointed, spalled brick removed and replaced, and washed with a specialized restoration cleaner to remove dust and dirt.
Brick Colors
:: New Masonry 
We are experts in the laying of:

- Brick
- Stone
- Block
- Cultured Stone
- Thin brick

Using our knowledge as expert masonry contractors, we will consult with you on your desired project and will create the design to your specifications for interior or exterior masonry needs.  In today's masonry industry there are a considerable amount of options available, from style and color to size and textures.  We will help you evaluate what's best for your home or business project.

We only use the highest quality products from reputable manufacturers. Upon request, all materials may be previewed by the customer, including brick or stone color, style and mortar.
:: Other Masonry Services
We also specialize in:

- Caulking
- Self-leveling or textured Caulks
- Waterproofing
- The use of vertical siliconized water based sealants.
- Thoroseal (a cementitious waterproof coating for masonry walls)
- Flashing (copper or aluminum)
- Power washing and restoration cleaner to remove stains and grime (dark spots and streaks mostly found on limestone) from masonry
- Coatings
- Coating masonry walls with a rubberized latex coating that will flex with masonry wall. Can be painted on brick, block and stucco.
- Chimney lining 
Below are photos of the historical restoration of 3 pre Civil War chimneys.
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Masonry Services
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